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Spirea ‘Double Play Gold’

(Spiraea japonica
‘Double Play Gold’)

Deciduous shrub forms a dense mound with rich, gold foliage. Broad, hot pink flower clusters bloom late spring to summer. Use as a hedge or foundation shrub. Thrives in full sun with regular water. Deer resistant.

Red Tip Photinia

(Photinia x fraseri)

Evergreen shrub or small tree with a dense, rounded habit. Leaves emerge bright red maturing to dark green. Clusters of small, white flowers in spring are followed by black berries. Thrives in full sun, with regular water, hardy to 10° F.

Zonal Geranium ‘Strawberry Sizzle’

(Pelargonium hortorum ‘Strawberry Sizzle’)

Perennial forms an herbaceous mound of attractive scalloped leaves. Stalks bearing large clusters of flowers bloom spring through fall. Two-tone petals of light and dark pink. Dark leaves offer superb contrast to bright blooms. Use in borders or containers. Full sun to part shade. Water-wise.

Gerber Daisy ‘Jaguar Mix’

(Gerbera jamesonii ‘Jaguar Mix’)

Perennial with a dense, upright habit. Large, clear daisy-like flowers come in an assortment of colors. Blooms in spring and again in fall. ‘Jaguar Mix’ is known for uniformity in color, bloom time and size. Use in pots or borders. Thrives in full sun; water use high. Attracts butterflies.

Azalea Encore Autumn EmbersSlide thumbnail

Azalea Encore Autumn Embers

Azalea Encore Autumn BelleSlide thumbnail

Azalea Encore Autumn Belle

Azalea Encore Autumn RougeSlide thumbnail

Azalea Encore Autumn Rouge

Azaleas Grown by Matsuda’s

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Camellia j. Eleanor MccowanSlide thumbnail

Camellia j. Eleanor Mccowan

Camellia j. MagnoliaefloraSlide thumbnail

Camellia j. Magnoliaeflora

Camellia j.Thomas D. PittsSlide thumbnail

Camellia j.Thomas D. Pitts

Camellia s. CleopatraSlide thumbnail

Camellia s. Cleopatra

Camellia j. CM WilsonSlide thumbnail

Camellia j. CM Wilson

Camellias Grown by Matsuda’s

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Rhododendron War DanceSlide thumbnail

Rhododendron Lemon DreamSlide thumbnail

Azalea Encore Autumn Belle

Rhododendron Anah KruschkeSlide thumbnail

Azalea Encore Autumn Rouge

Rhododendron Seaview SunsetSlide thumbnail
Rhododendron Fire RimSlide thumbnail