Purchase Information

Contractor Sales

Company Information

Please fax and mail a completed New Customer Account Application along with a copy of your Nursery, Contractor or Business License. Please fax your application to 916.689.8207 and mail the original signed application to us.

The approved application allows COD or point of purchase only.

If your account information changes, please submit an
Account Change Form.


Matsuda´s must have a copy of one the following active licenses on file:

  • Contractor´s License: A, B, or C-27
  • Architect´s License
  • Arborist´s Certification
  • License to sell Nursery Stock issued by the state
  • Business License in a related field
    • Landscape Maintenance Company
    • Landscape Design Company

Credit Purchases

Once your credit is approved, you can start purchasing on credit. Please fax and mail original completed and signed Credit Application. Please fax your application to 916.689.8207.