Matsuda´s of Sacramento Wholesale Plant Nursery

10600 Florin Rd
Sacramento, CA 95830

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Quality Built on Artful Tradition

Matsuda´s quality is built on artful tradition. We continue to cultivate the art of growing and the meticulous attention to detail to grow the finest plant material available. Our promise is to provide the best quality and customer service in the industry. We want our quality plant material to add strength to your nursery program and to build a stronger tomorrow for both of us.

Azaleas in Greenhouse

Large wholesale nursery with 160 acres of growing grounds

Growing a broad assortment of varieties and species, and continuously introducing new plants to the product line

Located South of Sacramento.

Maintaining high standards resulting in high quality and distinctively better plants with longer shelf life

In-house shipping fleet provides efficient and timely deliveries

Friendly sales staff to help with all your needs

A family run business for over 50 years

Wholesale only, requiring contractor and/or resale licenses

Retailers: Meet our Sales Team sales representative

Landscape Contractors: Our Contractor Yard is a fully stocked wholesale facility, designed specifically to serve landscape professionals.

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